The Purposes of Agritech Vietnam 2020

Effective implementation "Project promoting motorization in agricultural production which motivating to restructuring the agricultural sector" of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, over the years, along with the promotion of modernizing cultivation, with the encouragement of developing polyculture pattern, high-technology pattern, organic agriculture pattern, the use of motorization in agricultural production also has been being received special attention in our country and brought high efficiency for the agricultural sector. 
The motorization not only contributes to saving the labor power and alleviating difficulties of farmers, but also solves the labor shortage in the crop. Using machinery and equipment in agricultural production brings high economic efficiency, saves production costs, increases productivity and quality of products, and improves profits per unit of farmland.
Agritech Vietnam 2020 is held in aim to promote motorization in agricultural production, create the opportunity for investors, machinery and equipment suppliers to introduce domestic and foreign advanced agricultural technology to visitors, production units, farm owner. The exhibition is also the opportunity for exhibitors to cooperate, supports for technology transfer, aims to build a sustainable agricultural development.
Agritech Vietnam 2020 is a platform of opportunities for all exhibitors from all over the world.